Hi, I’m <strong>Jake Lodder</strong> and I love<br />
to tell stories through the power of video.

Hi, I’m Jake Lodder and I love
to tell stories through the power of video.

I edit engaging videos

I tell captivating stories

I animate motion graphics

I capture dynamic footage

About Me
About Me

Hi, I’m Jake and I’m passionate about telling captivating stories through the power of video.

I believe storytelling is the most powerful way we have of communicating; it can teach, inspire, influence, convey emotion and enthusiasm, and it allows the audience to engage. Reading about an experience or event is one thing, but never the same as a story told person-to-person. Stories build connection and video has the unique ability to not only allow people to speak of their experience but to include visuals that enhance narrative itself; and then share this globally.

Video takes people places they normally wouldn’t get to go – whether that’s behind the scenes, a unique way of seeing the world, or a different point of view. It gives unrivalled access to new and diverse experiences in a way that is engaging and entertaining, that draws you in like no other medium.

My video experience spans over the last 10 years including 7 years working for a production house. My responsibilities spanned the entire production pipeline. From meeting clients to discuss their project, to collaborating with other members of the team to write scripts, prepare shoots, filming, editing, graphic animation, colour grading, audio treatment, all the way through to final delivery. Projects ranged from short-form advertising to longer format video productions including case studies, event coverage, and business profiles, with many different clients from multinational energy companies to local start-ups.

Now I work as a freelancer across a broad scope of video production areas for a wide range of clients. From media production companies, to large government organisations, to small not-for-profit businesses, I work on short- and longer-form videos, IMAG and livestream services for events and conferences, video and content design, and much more.

  • Residence: QLD, Australia
  • E-mail: mail@jakelodder.com.au
  • Phone: 0403 271 295
  • WhatsApp: +61 403 271 295
What I Do
Live Events
Many large events utilise IMAG, whether it's for effect, to incorporate other video elements or to allow for great audience numbers. I bring experience in live events as a general AV tech, camera operator, computer operator, vision switcher and director.
Behind the camera is where we take the story and bring it to life. Filming visually engaging and clear sounding interviews forms the backbone of the story, but it needs to ask the right questions. Whether pre-written or developed them on the spot, it's also about knowing when to follow up or seek clarification in order to ensure overarching theme of the message is captured. This is then enhanced with capturing dynamic B-roll.
For me, editing is where the fun begins. When I'm editing, I'm crafting a story - taking all the elements provided and working it into a cohesive end product. I love being able to take an interview captured on location and condense it into an engaging video - using B-roll, graphics, and music to enhance this story.
Post Production
The video is then enhanced further in the post-production phase of the video pipeline. Colour grading, audio treatment and graphics - using a range of tools to love working with After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator to turn a simple artwork or flyer into an engaging video using existing marketing collateral.
Copy Writing
With fluent spoken and written English I have experience in writing scripts for a wide range of projects - from 15/30 second TV spots through to 5+ minute corporate scripts. Having knowledge of the entire production workflow gives me an advantage when writing, to picture how the end result will come together and working within the constraints of the budget for shooting/post.
While most of my time is spent with video gear, I'm also capable with a stills camera. I've had the opportunity to cover sporting and corporate events, food and product photography, and headshots; as well as being a keen motorsports photographer in my spare time.
Post-Production Software Skills
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Audition
  • Illustrator (basic)
Video Showreel 2021 Film, Video
Empire Theatre – 25 Year Branding Edit, Film
Hogans Jewellers – Argyle Diamond Event Edit, Film, Video
Motion Graphics Showreel Video
More Coming Soon

Toowoomba, QLD, Australia


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